Are you looking to spruce up your space, but don’t want to take on a big remodel? Consider taking on a painting project! Paint is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to quickly transform your home. If you’re up for a weekend project, consider giving one of these simple painting projects a try!

  1. Paint the trim. Give your trim a facelift by either repainting it the existing colour to give it a crisp and clean look or consider painting it a different colour to add a dramatic pop (this works especially well if the walls are a neutral colour). To create those crisp clean lines, you’ll need to ensure you’re using a high-quality painter’s tape and a good angled trim brush.
Paint the trim

2. Wainscoting. Traditionally, wainscotting is considered to be the wood paneling on the lower portion of a wall. To get that look on a budget, try painting the top portion of a wall a different colour from the bottom half – this creates the illusion of a wainscoting pattern. This is a great way to achieve the look of wainscoting without the extra cost of materials.

Create the illusion of wainscoting with paint

3. Add an accent wall. Adding an accent wall to any room in your home can instantly transform the space. Consider making a bold choice by painting a striped accent wall or using a stencil. This is a great opportunity to let your design style shine. You can even stray from paint and dive into a bold wallpaper! The options are endless.

Add a bold accent wall

4. Colour Blocking. If you’re not quite up to adding a bold accent wall, this is the safer choice for you. Colour blocking is when you paint one wall in a room a different colour from the rest. This is a great trick to add dimension to your space. Draw a pop of colour from an existing decor piece, or give your room a refresh by incorporating a new colour all together!

Add a pop of colour to a room by painting one wall a different colour than the rest